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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rather than stay inside to read my much-neglected journal and review research, I headed down to Battery Park to take in the weekly Free Concert while I read.

I plonked down my blanket and got a good chunk of reading done, which is a good thing, as this research has been sorely neglected due to lots of exciting pre-litigation stuff at work. All around me were Burlington hipsters, their children and dogs, all having good clean family fun.

The music was not bad for a free band. They played a not unpleasant, somnambulant folk-funk, punctuated occasionally by irritating but mercifully rare episodes of that annoying pseudo-blues into which local bands in every town tend to lapse with a frequency in direct proportion to their lack of imagination and/or musicianship. This band was blessed with reasonable dollops of each and so managed to maintain a relatively enjoyable, if non-mind-blowing, musical atmosphere.

When it got dark I came home. Not a bad Thursday evening.



Anonymous .Christopher. said...

You could retitle this blog "All the cute shit in Burlington." Seriously...

11:36 PM  

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