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Friday, July 16, 2010

Today's post is about South Hero, an island at the top of Lake Champlain, so named because it is one of two tracts of land granted to Ira and Ethan Allen. The other island is North Hero, of course. I don't know whose island was whose.

There are two ways to get to South Hero: by car, and by bike.

Every Thursday my cohorts and I go to Pizza on Earth, followed by a tour of Interesting Vermont Places. Everything is very close together, and there are a ton of interesting places, so it's always fun. Last night we went to South Hero Island. The way you get to South Hero by car is to drive up highway 89 and then turn off onto a long long long long long bridge that takes you out to the island (something like the bridge across Lake Pontchartrain that takes you to New Orleans, except not so many alligators.) Here's what it looks like:



Ryan on the way to the island:

Anisa on the way to the island:

Me on the way to the island:

Once on the island, the only thing to do was to get ice cream. Anisa and I got root beer floats; Ryan got peanut butter ice cream on a cone.

Today as I was biking home from work, I thought, "I'll just go up the bike path a little way, to work off some of that pizza and ice cream." Nine miles later, I was at the causeway.

So I thought "I'll just go take the bike ferry over to South Hero and get something to drink and come back."

The causeway is breathtaking!

When I got to the ferry, though, they were having problems, so I didn't go all the way to south hero. Instead, I watched the coast guard help them out for a while:

The bike meditated on the beauty of the lake:

Here's how close it is to the other side:

It was actually a good thing that the ferry wasn't operating; because it was a spur-of-the-moment bike ride, I hadn't brought anything to eat or drink, and my knees were getting pretty sore. So I turned around and came back to the house. But you better believe I'm going to take that ferry over to South Hero. Maybe I'll get some more ice cream. Maybe I'll do it Sunday.



Blogger melalvai said...

Your knees are sore because your seat is too low.
Unless it is because your seat is too high.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Just in case, I raised the seat as much as possible. I still think it's old age though.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous .Christopher. said...

That causeway looks so completely cool...

4:30 PM  

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