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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ramble, part II

Late in the afternoon I headed back to the Ramble for free Skinny Pancake. Decatur Street was still going strong with even more people and lots of bands playing. My favorite was Up Up We Go, featuring a banjolele, a regular banjo, and a bass guitar (as well as sundry kazoos, harmonicas, etc.) Here's a good sample:

I traded a bag of gorp for one of their CDs.

The Decatur Street carnival culminated in an "Epic Bike Ride." I didn't actually intend to participate in the ride, figuring my little three-speed wasn't up for anything epic. But as I headed towards the free crepes, I saw one of my co-workers in a crowd of bikes and she said "come on!" so I did. We rode all over the North End, escorted by the Crucial Couriers, who sped ahead of us and stopped traffic at intersections the way that police do for funeral processions. This procession was anything but funereal. At one point someone counted 160 bikes; I'm guessing it was closer to 200.

We ended up on North Winooski and had free crepes and dancing until dusk.

Did I mention lately how cute Burlington is? Yeah.



Blogger melalvai said...

Whoa, I nearly think you just got sucked into a Critical Mass ride!

11:20 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Apparently they have a CM ride once a month. YACVT (Yet Another Cute Vermont Thing).

9:14 AM  
Anonymous .Christopher. said...

Somewhere I'm remembering a quote from something that goes something like "To live, just move forward toward those you love..."

I like your amendment to it: "To live, just move forward towards free crepes..."

9:31 AM  

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