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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


10 weeks in Vermont with the American Federation of Teachers, supplemented by pictures taken with my new camera phone thus:

...including running commentary re: Burlington, projects, Vermont, and various occurrences and vicissitudes as they happen.

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State population: 600,000
State capital: Montpelier
Burlington population: 50,000
Burlington industries: manufacturing, trade and transportation, government, education (University of Vermont), and healthcare

Burlington was organized in 1785; resisted involvement in the War of 1812 although it was shelled for about 10 minutes by the British in 1813; became a manufacturing and trade center after the completion of the Champlain and Erie canals; incorporated as a city in 1865; Ben & Jerry's ice cream founded in a Burlington gas station in 1978; city is located 80 miles south of Montreal and 200 miles northwest of Boston.